Making Mobile Wallets a Reality

Welcome to Syncopa Labs

Syncopa helps developers and providers of mobile wallet applications to achieve higher acceptance, usage and engagement with customers.

Syncopa helps developers of mobile wallet applications to achieve higher acceptance and engagement with customers, provide 100% availability for mobile payments and increase the amount of transactions via mobile wallet applications.

Our patent pending technology enables Magnetic, Chip-and-PIN or NFC transactions via smartphones. It provides automatic selection of the best card to use from the customer’s available cards, based on customer’s location, financial benefits and provider’s interests.

Our solution includes a field programmable card that uses BLE to communicate with a smartphone and emulates mag-stripe/chip cards. A server and a smartphone app determine user’s indoor location and automatically select the best configuration per each transaction,from user’s available cards, coupons, loyalty programs, etc.

We complement m-wallets, provide 100% world-wide coverageand enhance customer experience, value and engagement with the m-wallet.

The result is more use of the provider’s application. 

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